2017 Hanukkah Special! Chag Sameyach!

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The Real Thanksgiving

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The Temple

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Have a great Yom Kippur & a blessed Sukkot!

L’shana Tova (Happy New Year) and Chag Sameyach for Yom Teruah and Rosh Hashanna!

Happy Yom Teruah! From our family at One Faith One People Ministries to your family–chag sameyach–and may you be inscribed for a good year. Thank you for supporting and sustaining this ministry. May this new year be filled with joy, wonder and good fortune for all of you! Stay tuned also for special fall feast teachings and content. Shalom!

The 2018 Eternal Torah Calendar is here!

It’s finally here–the 2018 Eternal Torah Calendar–where you will find the latest updates in my ongoing Biblical calendar research and perfectly accurate mechanisms for determining the Feasts with absolute precision from absolute and certain Torah based principles. Also find out about the Hebrew Solar Year with the seasonal timings straight out of Scripture! Enjoy!

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Special Look: The Arch of Titus in Color!

This fascinating 4 minute video shows the remarkable efforts to reconstruct the original arch of Titus–the closest thing to a photograph showing the sacking of the Temple in 70 CE that the ancient world had–into now a color photograph of that event. I appreciate very much the humility of the scholars involved who state at the end that it is a work in progress that they hope to refine in the future. Nevertheless, there is a lot of good information to be had here on my 21st century computer forensic techniques can bring long decaying relics of history back to life. A similar process has been used to recover text from manuscripts that only a few years ago would have been considered impossible to restore. Check it out! I believe you will be glad that you did!

Special Bonus: A Star Shall Come out of Jacob

Explore the majesty and mystery of some of the deepest calendar secrets to date–all based on Numbers 24:17. See the universe as depicted in the Tabernacle, the clothes of the High Priest and even the Ark of the Covenant! This special deep look inside cosmic timekeeping embedded in the Scripture is not to be missed!

2017 Shavuot Special!

Chag Sameyach! Welcome to the 2017 Shavuot Special. Explore the deep and meaningful connections with this second of three great feasts as we go from the earliest roots in Genesis literally all the way to Revelation, with many intriguing and unexpected stops in between. From calendar truths to the long reach of prophecy and from debunking long standing traditions of men to lining up the most ancient witnesses, journey with me to see our glorious past link up with our apocalyptic future as we do the Torah together!

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Chag Sameyach Everyone! 2017 Pesach Special

Close-Up of Traditional Jewish Food

Chag samyeach and welcome to the 2017 Pesach Special–the most robust sand detailed Feast teaching yet! In addition to going deep into the details of Pesach with all the relevant Torah, Haftorah and NT readings for the entire 8-day feast, we have extended bonus teachings that explore some incredible and fascinating topics that I believe you will not find quite this way anywhere else. The Nature of Mashiyach, Part 1 and 2, use the Tanakh to answer some of the most elusive questions about how Mashiyach died for our sins and what was his nature. We will se how the church drifted away by lessening Tanakh’s authority and how that caused them to struggle over some of the most fundamental questions about Y’shua and Godhead for many centuries. Then in our next series, The Eight Verses That Changed the World, we will resolve many alleged discrepancies in the NT as 8 lines are carefully analyzed and retranslated from both Greek and Aramaic. We will also explore how scholars lost sight of the some of the unique features of “Jewish Greek” and how that creates confusion even down to the present, while the Aramaic comes alive with fresh clarity and precision as never before. Spend the time and go deep through the next 8 days. I believe you will find it a journey most worth taking!

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Chag Sameyach! 2017 Purim Special!

Chag Sameyach! Welcome to the first of five Feast teachings for 2017. Purim is a truly amazing feast with some deep and surprising roots and ramifications. Our journey this year begins with giving precise dates for the actual event and then showcases roots and far back as Genesis and as far forwards as two places in the NT where Y’shua himself most likely kept this feast. Decipher the clues and see the Scripture in a brand new way as we explore why the book of Esther is not in the Dead Sea Scrolls, track down Esther, Mordechai and their immediate family from real Persian records from the actual time, and how one of the most famous battles ever fought in the ancient world gives us a missing chapter to this feast and fills in so much more than you might expect. Let me show you…and let us rejoice together!

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Tax Donation Letters for 2016 Have Been Sent!

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