Prayer, Healing, and Deliverance

New articles and videos coming soon!

Greetings everyone,

To many of you this page may be coming as a surprise or even a shocker as Andrew has not been teaching on this aspect of healing and deliverance. While he has been involved in research on many things related to the Word in our Scriptures, we have now become convicted to also having some teachings related to what our Messiah Yeshua did as part of his ministry. You will see in this section of our website videos and articles from people in ministries who have experience in this area. They come from Jewish, Hebraic and Christian traditions and will give you a variety of teachings and practices that may be useful to you.

Please also know we would not feature these people if I felt their processes were in any way unscriptural as Andrew understands it. Remember, Yeshua healed the sick and the afflicted and cast out demons. Sometimes we can pray and YHWH delivers us because Yeshua has given us the power and authority. But at other times we need intervention from an experienced and reliable minister, one who you can trust and who’s methods you are comfortable with. Ask questions, like you would when you visit a new doctor. Spiritual “check-ups” are also sometimes a good idea. YHWH delivers us but sometimes He uses people to help each other. If you are not ready for this, visit this page later. If you are offended by this page, this is not our intention. However, having said that, you might want to consider what is in you that takes such offense that you cannot just move on. If you need healing in any area of your life don’t be afraid to ask for help. People may stand in the way, but our Yeshua is faithful and will be there for you. May YHWH bless and protect all of us in a world that walks against HIM.
“Amen, Amen I say to you that whoever believes in Me, these works that I do, he will do also and more than these he will do because I go to the Father” (John 14:12 AENT)

Blessings. Jaye Roth