aent Aramaic English New Testament (AENT) hardcover
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aent Aramaic English New Testament (AENT) paperback
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aent Wheel of Stars
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Ruach Qadim
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  • arthur

    I’ve been trying to make contact with some one that can answer a question concerning Brother Andrew’s New testament Bible..I’ve email..the Publishing company. Netzari Press at .Concerning whether or not if there was a larger print copy of Brother Roths New testament Bible..Or if there will be one made for people who have poor vision…..Netzari Press will not respond to my emails…Is there Anyone on Facebook know who to contact about this issue,,,,If so please contact us on facebook or email me@ Drumsoundroll@hotmail,com

    • AramaicAndrew

      Shalom to you Arthur,

      Sorry you have had trouble hearing back from Netzari Press. There are no more large print AENTs available. We only did that for the 4th edition in 2011 and they were gone once they sold out. Best I can suggest is check Amazon to see if a used copy becomes available. Hope this helps and be well!


  • rwdpi

    My wife has been a member for a long time. Ever since you changed your website she has not been able to get onto your site. You manage to get us the bill each month and it gets paid each month but no matter what we do we still cannot get on. We get new passwords but they don’t work. What is really is aggravating is that you have the only website on the internet that does not have a “Contact Us”. Either contact us and get her back on line or cancel our subscription.

    • Shalom,

      Sorry you’re hitting issues withthe new site. Grateful for your patience.

      We actually have a help section on the site with step-by-step pictures to help solve common problems. But I’d be glad to help you directly. Please email me and we’ll fix the issue right away.

      Please accept my apology for the inconvenience we’ve caused with the new site. We’re grateful for you kindess and patience.

    • AramaicAndrew

      Shalom Roland,

      We just found a message from you on our website forum (which was not functioning) from some time back saying that you could not access the website. We are really sorry about that. Everyone who wrote to us at this email address got the help they needed. If you would like to start having access again, it will be our pleasure to send you a new username and password. If you can, let us know the time period in which you paid for but did not receive access. We will fix this for you.

      Please accept our humble apologies again and we appreciate everyone who is a part of our Torah study community.


  • DJoy

    Do you have a full old and new testament Peshitta available? Why wouldn’t it include the Torah ~ Old Testament? Just suprised

    • LarryM792Nato

      He (Mr. Roth) says he reads Lamsa’s Old Testament “every day”. But not Lamsa’s New Testament. That was in a video I just watched, however, it was from 2010. Don’t know if anything has changed since then. Best wishes!

    • AramaicAndrew

      Shalom DJoy,

      The answer is because I have not completed translating the Aramaic Tanakh yet, but when I do, I will let you know! Take care!