The 2024 Eternal Torah Calendar is here!

While 2024 is a “disruption year” with the rabbis being a month late, we have all the tools you need to navigate the confusion and maybe celebrate twice the feasts for twice the fun! Get the full details of what to expect and make the best choice possible for you and your families. Enjoy! Also, as long as you are here, you might want to also check out my latest free teaching “The Five Prophets” on mp3 and including my teaching notes. It’s at the bottom half of the home page.

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Yeshua’s Death and the Double Witness Pattern

Shalom everyone! I have been waiting three years to post this very special series YESHUA’S DEATH AND THE DOUBLE WITNESS PATTERN and now that wait is over as I took time to verify everything I spoke on in 2019 on this topic. What is the precise year Yeshua died and how can we know the true interval between crucifixion and resurrection? The answers herein are astonishing. From a once in a thousand year rare astronomical event that happened the month Yeshua died to the latest in Hebrew and Aramaic research and a deep dive into Tanakh prophecy, this answer is far more majestic and massive than it might otherwise appear. I literally had to re-do 20 years of previous research and start over–again–to find a complete answer that takes every Scripture reference on this subject into account. Prepare for some shocks along the way as we see where this journey takes us all! Also, what I called “RCSB” at the time of filming is now known as the Apostolic Writings, which I hope will be coming out in a few months and will announce when I know more. Enjoy!

Message in the Math!

From the upcoming Chukkat parsha, here is a special teaching about the deep links between the Eternal Torah Calendar, Moshe and Yeshua the Messiah! The math patters derive from a 1447 BCE Exodus, that being 480 years before Solomon’s 4th year, when he began building the Temple on the 2nd day of the 2nd month of Ziv/Iyar (1 Kings 6:1, 2 Chronicles 3:1-2). Solomon’s 4th year is derived as 967 BCE by three different dating methods: 1) Counting backwards from Hezekiah’s 14th year which is marked by a solar eclipse that happened February 25th Gregorian in 702 BCE (2 Kings 20:9-11); 2) According to Pharaoh Shishak’s tomb walls his invasion of Judah was in his 20th year or 926 BCE (Dr. Ian Shaw, Oxford History of Ancient Egypt, p. 481) so we count 41 years back from that time of Rehoboam’s 5th year, which brings us also back to 967 BCE; and 3) The excellent chronological research of Edwin Thiele and Leslie McPhall (The Mysterious Numbers of the Hebrew Kings), which accounts to co-regencies and the different time keeping methods in Kings and Chronicles. The main topics are:

*Working 9 to 5: The first pattern suggests that when arranging the one biblical age of 4,000 years (3901 BCE to 100 CE), that is from the creation of Adam to the death of the Apostle Yochanan on Patmos, it is helpful to divide that age by 10 into 400 year long eras. From there each 400 year long era can be divided into 10 40 year generations.

*Among those 400 year long eras, the 5th (2301-1901 BCE) and the 9th (701-301 BCE) represent times of hardship and severe judgment, regarding Noah’s Flood (2245-2244 BCE) and the destruction of Solomon’s Temple (586 BCE) respectively. This suggests that neither 9 nor 5 by themselves are problematic but we need to beware when the two numbers come together for a particular event.

*Judgment Comes in Sixes: Whenever Father YHWH has decided that His grace has run out, the next Shemittah group will not reach its seventh year but will instead face judgment in Year 6, so the very next spring the land can get her sabbaths back. We track three such occasions of Year 6 judgments: The Assyrian invasion and captivity of the Northern Tribes (722 BCE), the Great Purge of King Josiah against paganism in Judah (622 BCE) and the destruction of Solomon’s Temple (586 BCE) were all sixth years according to the Eternal Torah Calendar[1].

*Sometimes Time is Zeroed Out: This concept has two applications. First, when it comes to math calculations, the last day of any cycle (generation, era or age) always resets to zero on the last day of that cycle at sunset. The math does not continue, so the error never builds up to throw off the timing. The second application is that when you have lost time because of wickedness, when that time is put back through punishment, the math cancels out. So when seventy land sabbaths were missed over a 500 year period, once the seventy years of Babylonian captivity were over, time resumes as if there was no violation.

*Nativity Timing and the Destruction of the Second Temple: Yeshua is born a year after the completion of the 28th Jubilee (7 x 4, or perfection times foundation) or Year 1 at the start of #29. The 29th Jubilee runs from 6 BCE to 45 CE spring to spring, so in 45 CE 29 is completed. From that time to the destruction of the Second Temple on day 9 of month 5 which is 29 days long (Av) gives us a remainder 5.31 months. If we treat the passage of all the Jubilees then from the entrance to Canaan to 45 CE as a whole number (29) and add 50% completion of 25 years (spring of 45-spring of 70 CE) plus the remainder of 4 months and 9 days of the 29 day month of Av in 70 CE (126 days of 365), .34, the total comes out to 29.53, which is the precise average length of a lunar month (29 days, 12 hours 44 minutes and half a second). So thinking about how Father Yah’s time is different for Him than for us such as in Psalm 90, the entire period from 1406 BCE to 70 CE is experienced as a single lunar month.

[1] Also, not mentioned on the video, there was a shemittah (or would have been if the Temple had not been destroyed) in 137 CE, making 136 CE a a year 6. This corresponds to the final crushing defeat of the Bar Kochba Revolt which ended in January of 136, and the aftermath dragged on well past that spring, the start of Year 6.

2023 Purim Special!

From a grudge that dates back to Jacob and Esau, to a feast Yahweh commands the Israelites do while still in Egypt that did not happen, to waiting nearly a thousand years for that placeholder of a feast to be fulfilled, few feasts have a greater reach both backwards and forwards than Purim. There is even a deep connection between Purim and one of the most famous battles that ever happened in antiquity, as well as a deep linkage to Yochanan 5. Enjoy! Keep Reeding

Purim begins tonight, March 5th!

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Peter’s tomb found in Jerusalem!

In 2017 I did a teaching called “The Lost Biography of Peter” Click here to see the post and video 
which proved that St. Peter was buried on the Mount of Olives and not in Rome. Now, six years later, my friend Lawrence Zupan confirmed my findings by actually getting unprecedented access to Peter’s ossuary that reads in Aramaic “Shimon bar Yona” or “Simon son of Jonah” (see Matthew 16:17). The tomb was confirmed to be a Jewish-Christian cemetery that dated back to the time of the apostles according to the Italian archaeologists who issued their report in 1958. Zupan’s expedition to Dominus Flevit and the Church of the Flagellation brought the world’s first color photographs of this and other precious artifacts of early Christians buried there, including Martha, Mary and Lazarus. These are also the first photographs of these items taking in more than 60 years. He will actually show some of these photographs for the first time here!

But Zupan also explains some curious activities that might prove to be part of a cover up from the Roman Catholic Church, who moved Peter’s bone box from its original tomb for “restoration” and then locked it away at another church (Church of the Flagellation) that has at this moment neither restored it nor displayed it. Zupan got special favor and permission to photograph and handle the ossuary, and but for that grace given to him by sympathetic leaders in that church, we might still be unaware of the location of this precious object.

Also, as an exclusive for One Faith One People Ministries members, go deeper into this mystery with images from the original 1958 Italian expedition to Dominus Flevit, as well as the new groundbreaking photographs that Lawrence Zupan took in this PDF. Hear the truth for yourself from the man who was actually there and saw the ossuary with his own eyes!

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Also read the updated essay here:

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2022 Hanukkah Special!

From the pages of Genesis to Revelation, no feast has more clues about its prophetic approach than Hanukkah. This so-called “optional” feast that Jews keep though it is not in Tanakh and most Christians do not keep though it is in Yochanan 10, is one important enough to Yeshua that he went 90 miles in the rain and mud to get to Jerusalem, knowing he would get in and argument and yet proclaimed to the Pharisees, “I and my Father are one.” Join the journey to see Hanukkah also foreshadowed centuries in advance by Nehemiah and others. Also, for those of you who saw part 1 of the archaeology update in “Mikkets” about the Lost Biograph of Peter, part 2 is in video 2 and is not to be missed! But that is assuming you are watching from Shabbat, but I had to put the Hanukkah Special up before Mikkets on Wednesday night while Mikkets will air Thursday night. Keep Reeding

Hanukkah Special will be up Wednesday or Thursday!

Shalom all! The 2022 Hanukkah Special will be slightly delayed, as I am compelled to work on the weekly parsha of Mikkets first. All will be up and available late Thursday night to early Friday morning, Eastern US time.

Yom Kippur Home Service Guide

Shalom everyone! For those of you who are having trouble locating a local assembly for Yom Kippur, I have put together a Home Service Guide so that you can conduct a small gathering on your own. I hope you will find it helpful. Take care and have a great Fast!

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Seasons of Hope (Moedim)–A Special Channel 24 Teaching!

In this third and final installment of teachings I did at Channel 24, we finally get to the Feasts of YHWH and why all Biblical believers–including Christians–need to join us for this joyous time. Here you will find basic but important descriptions of all the major feasts of the year. Enjoy!

Lshana tova everyone, from our family to yours!

Jaye and I wanted to thank all of you for your support throughout this year and we wish all of you a wonderful Yom Teruah as the opening of an amazing season of favor as we go through all the fall feasts of Father Yah. May He bless and keep you all, be gracious to you, lift up HIs countenance to you and give you SHALOM!