Yeshua’s Death and the Double Witness Pattern

Shalom everyone! I have been waiting three years to post this very special series YESHUA’S DEATH AND THE DOUBLE WITNESS PATTERN and now that wait is over as I took time to verify everything I spoke on in 2019 on this topic. What is the precise year Yeshua died and how can we know the true interval between crucifixion and resurrection? The answers herein are astonishing. From a once in a thousand year rare astronomical event that happened the month Yeshua died to the latest in Hebrew and Aramaic research and a deep dive into Tanakh prophecy, this answer is far more majestic and massive than it might otherwise appear. I literally had to re-do 20 years of previous research and start over–again–to find a complete answer that takes every Scripture reference on this subject into account. Prepare for some shocks along the way as we see where this journey takes us all! Also, what I called “RCSB” at the time of filming is now known as the Apostolic Writings, which I hope will be coming out in a few months and will announce when I know more. Enjoy!

Yom Kippur Home Service Guide

Shalom everyone! For those of you who are having trouble locating a local assembly for Yom Kippur, I have put together a Home Service Guide so that you can conduct a small gathering on your own. I hope you will find it helpful. Take care and have a great Fast!

Click this Link to Download the 2022 Yom Kippur Home Service Guide!

Seasons of Hope (Moedim)–A Special Channel 24 Teaching!

In this third and final installment of teachings I did at Channel 24, we finally get to the Feasts of YHWH and why all Biblical believers–including Christians–need to join us for this joyous time. Here you will find basic but important descriptions of all the major feasts of the year. Enjoy!

Lshana tova everyone, from our family to yours!

Jaye and I wanted to thank all of you for your support throughout this year and we wish all of you a wonderful Yom Teruah as the opening of an amazing season of favor as we go through all the fall feasts of Father Yah. May He bless and keep you all, be gracious to you, lift up HIs countenance to you and give you SHALOM!

Remember! We recycle back to Genesis 1 on October 20th!

At that time we are also switching over from the Keter Crown Bible to the Living Torah by Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan.

The 2023 Eternal Torah Calendar is here!

Some amazing rare and special events make 2023 a year to remember! Enjoy!

Click this Link to Download the 2023 Eternal Torah Calendar!

Our new book is now available!

THE PROPHETS HAVE SPOKEN! The Kingdom is Near…The Message is Clear…The Time is Now!
Man has hijacked the original biblical faith of the Messiah and his Apostles, and the true Judeo-Christian history behind it, separating us from our Creator.
Dive into this living, breathing faith-based history which confronts our prejudices and bad misconceptions that have developed over centuries of doctrinal controversies, spiritual conflicts and bad politics masquerading as faith, keeping us from the Scripture’s pure message and vision.

This book is not a clinical or academic historical exercise but a refreshing return to original Bible teachings and message, including the surprising facts that some of the Early Church Fathers knew the Name of God Almighty and kept Passover and all the Feasts in the Scripture. Over the centuries, wars, politics and powerful forces of deception have conspired against the single faith vision at the Last Supper creating more than 41,000 sects and denominations of Christianity today.

But now that the truth has returned, nothing will ever be the same again.

We take a bold and unflinching look at how the great “bait and switch” happened; from Walking with the Almighty to walking with man. Retrace the faith journey, from Abraham the Hebrew, to his descendants the Jewish people and onwards to the Christians over the ages—all whom have been blessed by God Almighty but have also strayed and sinned against Him. Nevertheless God, in His infinite mercy, has provided a way for us to return to Him, and each other, in a worldwide community of faith, by rediscovering our spiritual DNA.

Nearly 2,000 years ago, the Apostle Paul warned us about the strong delusion, that the faithful will believe a lie (2 Thessalonians 2:11), perverting the Gospel and preaching a false Jesus with a different spirit (2 Corinthians 11:4). Now in our time, this is happening before our very eyes, and the entire Christian world is blind to it!
What lessons from going astray can we still learn to guide our path back to Him? And, most importantly, has the time finally come to take a stand for the truth of the original Gospel as it was before the later Judeo-Christian traditions emerged from synagogue and church?

Join us on a truly global and millennia-spanning journey as the Scriptures and wider history reveal how God has left a remnant to return us from exile. From the earliest primordial moments in Genesis to the deep prophetic trends guiding us today, see how we got to where we are now and how we can come home to prepare for the Second Coming of the Messiah!

2022 Shavuot Special!

Welcome to the 2022 Shavuot Special! Explore the deep connection of this very special Great Feasts, with the giving of the Ten Commandments and the stunning events in Acts 2. Also find out which famous miracle of Yeshua has a special connection to Shavuot that most folks don’t even know about. Enjoy! Keep Reeding

Chag sameyach everyone! Have a blessed Shavuot!

May Father Yah bless you on this precious feast with the blessing of his Torah given at this time, and the pouring out of His Ruach Ha-Kodesh to the world per the miracles of Acts 2. We pray your physical and spiritual harvests will be bountiful so you may have nothing but joy this Set-apart season. Let us rejoice in what our Messiah Yeshua rejoiced in and walk as he did (and does) still walk today. Chag sameyach!

Chag Sameyach! Have a wonderful Pesach!

From our family here at One Faith One People Ministries to yours, we wish you a wonderful Pesach and High Shabbat. May this be a season of joy and prosperity for all of us as we celebrate the deliverance of our bondage from Egypt by Father Yah and Moshe and the deliverance from the bondage of sin, death and condemnation through His Only-Begotten Son, Yeshua the Mashiyach!

Also please don’t forget to check out the 2022 Pesach Special and the Complete Seder Guide if you need any last minute tips on how to do your own home celebration! They are both at the Home Page directly under this post. Shalom and blessings to all!

2022 Pesach Special!

From deep clues from Noah’s Flood to the death and resurrection of Yeshua the Messiah, explore the surprising history of Pesach from beginning to end! Keep Reeding

2022 Purim Special!

From a grudge that dates back to Jacob and Esau, to a feast Yahweh commands the Israelites do while still in Egypt that did not happen, to waiting nearly a thousand years for that placeholder of a feast to be fulfilled, few feasts have a greater reach both backwards and forwards than Purim. There is even a deep connection between Purim and one of the most famous battles that ever happened in antiquity, as well as a deep linkage to Yochanan 5. Enjoy! Keep Reeding