The 2025 Eternal Torah Calendar is here!

Shalom all! 2025 is a study in contrasts and a welcome relief after the Disruption Year that is 2024. Now the ETC and Rabbinic Calendar are back in synchronization as far as the Moedim are concerned, but because ETC Sukkot is a month earlier than the Rabbinic one, the timing of recycling back to Genesis 1 is still negatively impacted. We also have a fascinating clustering of consecutive 30 and 29 day months by simply following what the moon does, which the Rabbinic does not allow to happen. We even have another “claw-back contingency” where the sun restrains the moon from having a 31-day month, which also happened in 2023 though it is a rare phenomenon overall. Still, it remains a beautiful thing to see the sun, moon, stars and the cycles of the Earth all proclaiming the glory of Father YAH! Enjoy! Keep Reeding

Where is the Ark of the Covenant-2024 Updated Edition

Explore the mystery of the most famous missing biblical artifact and weapon. For the first time, Scripture and wider history are brought together to definitively track the Ark of the Covenant. See the prophecy that forced the Ark out of Jerusalem and Judah and learn how Jeremiah tells us when and why it left as well as the next two places it went on its long journey. And finally see the real notes from the archaeological excavation in the place where it rests today. Enjoy!

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2024 Pesach Special!

From deep clues from Noah’s Flood to the death and resurrection of Yeshua the Messiah, explore the surprising history of Pesach from beginning to end!

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2024 Purim Special

From the mysterious ordered feast in Exodus that never happens, to the spectacular redemptive drama of Scripture to the “Feast of the Jews” in Yochanan 5, Purim has a journey through Scripture and history like no other. It is even part of one of the most iconic battles in the ancient world between t he famous 300 Spartans and the Persian Empire. Explore the history and deep connections and see how Purim is literally a feast of global spiritual proportions.

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Yeshua’s Death and the Double Witness Pattern

Shalom everyone! I have been waiting three years to post this very special series YESHUA’S DEATH AND THE DOUBLE WITNESS PATTERN and now that wait is over as I took time to verify everything I spoke on in 2019 on this topic. What is the precise year Yeshua died and how can we know the true interval between crucifixion and resurrection? The answers herein are astonishing. From a once in a thousand year rare astronomical event that happened the month Yeshua died to the latest in Hebrew and Aramaic research and a deep dive into Tanakh prophecy, this answer is far more majestic and massive than it might otherwise appear. I literally had to re-do 20 years of previous research and start over–again–to find a complete answer that takes every Scripture reference on this subject into account. Prepare for some shocks along the way as we see where this journey takes us all! Also, what I called “RCSB” at the time of filming is now known as the Apostolic Writings, which I hope will be coming out in a few months and will announce when I know more. Enjoy!

Where Was the Original Temple?

This is a teaching literally a decade in the making! Since 2012 I have been researching the intricate and fascinating details pointing to the Temples of Solomon and Zerubbabel–along with the expansion begun by Herod the Great– were located within the City of David. The result is a massive 5 video and nearly 4-hour long teaching. Packed with dozens of graphics and nearly a hundred scholarly resources, this is the definitive guide to the restored (and hidden) history of the Temples of Elohim, both past and future, that graced and will grace Jerusalem in the future. The teaching also includes a 49-page detailed essay to guide you through all the ins and outs of this critical topic. This is an exclusive for One Faith One People Ministries! Explore the mystery and judge the evidence for yourself!

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Special Teaching: The Top 12 “Myth-Conceptions” of Luke and Qurinius!

Shalom everyone! Ever since we did the two-part Star of Bethlehem videos, I have also wanted to spend more time on Luke and the census of Quirinius, which I only touched on briefly there. Out of that same vein of research then comes this two-part investigation, exposing the lies of biblical skeptics once and for all! See clear proof that Luke knew about both censuses, the one in the final years of Herod the Great and the 6 CE one led by the rebel Judas. See also how Josephus does in fact give all the historical background needed to prove a census happened in 6 BCE as punishment for Herod lying to Emperor Augustus. We will also look at genuine historical inscriptions about Qurinius proving he served as ruler in Syria on at least two and possibly more occasions. If you love defending the Scripture, this series is definitely for you! Enjoy!

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2023 Hanukkah Special!

From the pages of Genesis to Revelation, no feast has more clues about its prophetic approach than Hanukkah. This so-called “optional” feast that Jews keep though it is not in Tanakh and most Christians do not keep though it is in Yochanan 10, is one important enough to Yeshua that he went 90 miles in the rain and mud to get to Jerusalem, knowing he would get in and argument and yet proclaimed to the Pharisees, “I and my Father are one.” Join the journey to see Hanukkah also foreshadowed centuries in advance by Nehemiah and others. Keep Reeding

Channel 24–Andrew Gabriel Roth on “The Jewish Messiah: Function and Identity”

Here is another video in the series I did for Channel 24. On this installment, my first one back in December 2017, I talk about “The Jewish Messiah: Function and Identity” which shows that Torah is the way to a deeper and more fulfilling relationship with Yeshua the Messiah. Enjoy!

2023 Sukkot Special Vol. 2

The 2023 Sukkot Special concludes with Volume 2, where we do a deep dive into the mysteries of the Nativity and Star of Bethlehem. This one is so massive I actually ran out of time with some features in the Notes, including an archaeological update on the City of David and the latest cutting edge research on special Sukkot events throughout history, but these features are still in the Notes to explore. Enjoy! Keep Reeding

2023 Sukkot Special Volume 1

Welcome to the Feast that is so enormous it is significantly foreshadowed in Genesis, given separate but inter-related titles in Exodus, stamps its force of personality throughout the Hebrew Bible and takes up more than 2 large chapters in the Gospel of Yochanan with even more allusions in Revelation. This is the most majestic feast of them all which may, in my opinion at least, hold the greatest of clues regarding when Yeshua the Messiah is coming back. Don’t miss this one!

Please note: Last week you may recall the word “type something” came below the video for some strange reason. I checked the setting in Logitech and was able to remove it, but then this week I faced another issue where a portion of the bottom of the screen for these videos got cut off. I did fix this too, but unfortunately not in time for these videos. Next week however we should have everything back to normal. Thank you for your patience!

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2023 Yom Kippur Special

From a deep connection to Noah’s Flood to the deepest mysteries and prophecies in the book of Revelation, Yom Kippur or the Day of Atonement was and is the most sacred moment of the entire year! Explore the deep connections for yourself and have a great fast!

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