Tisha B’Av Special Programming!

This is a teaching literally a decade in the making! Since 2012 I have been researching the intricate and fascinating details pointing to the Temples of Solomon and Zerubbabel–along with the expansion begun by Herod the Great– were located within the City of David. The result is a massive 5 video and nearly 4-hour long teaching. Packed with dozens of graphics and nearly a hundred scholarly resources, this is the definitive guide to the restored (and hidden) history of the Temples of Elohim, both past and future, that graced and will grace Jerusalem in the future. The teaching also includes a 49-page detailed essay to guide you through all the ins and outs of this critical topic. This is an exclusive for One Faith One People Ministries! Explore the mystery and judge the evidence for yourself!

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The 2022 Eternal Torah Calendar is here!

It’s that time of year again, this special interval between the end of the spring feasts but before the fall feasts when many folks begin making plans for next year. To help, here is the 2022 Eternal Torah Calendar, with detailed explanations and comparisons to the Rabbinic Calendar as well. May it truly be a blessing for all of you! Enjoy!

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A second radio interview about the book “Kidnapped from God.”

In this second interview about our new book “Kidnapped from God: The Call to Come Home,” I am interviewed by Celeste Solum of the popular podcast “Celestial Wonders.” This far-reaching discussion goes very deep into the historical and theological trends that underlay the long gestation, research and completion of KFG. Celeste is gentle but very thorough and knowledgeable about Nazarene Judaism and Hebrew Roots history, development and practice. The result is a discussion that is as uplifting as it is comprehensive. Enjoy!


2021 Shavuot Special!

From the fire of Sinai to the heart of Revelation, Shavuot is a truly Great Feast that encompasses all that is kosher and beautiful in our Covenant with Elohim. Explore the deep connections from special events in Genesis to how it became a “double harvest” of blessings for Moshe and Israel and how it truly relates to the miracles of Acts 2. Some of the answers will be comforting and confirming while others will be surprising and exciting as much of the majesty of Shavuot awaits in our deep prophetic future. Enjoy!

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A radio interview about the book “Kidnapped from God”

This was an interview I did with Todd Cleppe of Rivers of Living Waters Ministry, for a radio show that is broadcast in several states. This interview was also filmed via Zoom and does a really great job of covering the main points from our new book “Kidnapped from God: The Call to Come Home.” Click either link below to go straight to the video. Enjoy!

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Kidnapped From God Interview with Andrew G. Roth – YouTube

2021 Pesach Special!

From deep associations with Noah’s Flood, Abraham and Lot to its observance in Israel waxing and waning for centuries on end, no Great Feast has quite the range and biblical impact as Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread and for Moshe personally, no other feast is more inextricably tied to his own triumphs and tragedies as he struggles to lead his people out of Egypt. While wicked rulers tried to make it extinct, it continuously is established a re-established by David, Hezekiah, Josiah and Nehemiah, all before being given the ultimate significance as the time of the crucifixion and resurrection of the Messiah. Explore some of the deep associations and hidden aspects of this critical occasion, as we go behind the scenes throughout the sweep of the biblical period and into our prophetic future through the great and essential key that is Pesach. Enjoy!

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In Search of the Last Autograph Manuscript of the New Testament

In a special exclusive just for One Faith One People Ministries friends and members, this is the only place to the get the full story of my ongoing quest to retrieve Aramaic Gospels written in 78 CE from the Vatican Library. This story is completely updated, including the most recent correspondence between myself and the staff at the Vatican Library. Enter the mystery and follow the clues in this nearly 2 hour exploration into real history and spiritual politics. This is the only place to get the full story of what I have told only in shorter versions before. This is not Hollywood and it’s not Dan Brown either. It’s a real life adventure in quest of what will be the most important discovery since the Dead Sea Scrolls…and it’s all true!

Compare this to the “public version” that comes in at 28 minutes!

Still in a hurry? Read this brief scholarly essay complete with maps and a bibliography.

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Or, take a wider view and see how to separate history from legend in Syriac religious literature.

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“The extraordinary richness of the Vatican manuscript collections – Latin, Greek and Oriental – make it one of the world’s outstanding libraries in terms of the quantity and the quality of the manuscripts preserved there, which range from papyrus codices of the Gospels and of other New Testament writings, transcribed only a few decades after they were composed, to late antique manuscripts of Vergil and Terence.” – Official statement from the Vatican Library, https://www.vaticanlibrary.va/en/the-collections/manuscript-department.html.

2021 Purim Special!

From the mysterious feast that never happens in Exodus and waits a thousand years for the times to catch up with it, to an amazing untold international story surrounding it to the mysterious identification of the “Feast of the Jews” in Yochanan 5, Purim is a special celebration like none other. Welcome to the start of our precious and beautiful feast season!

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The 2021 Eternal Torah Calendar is here!

Welcome to 2021, a year that is poised to be a wonderful year of great stability with and interesting variations from the rabbinic calendar. Explore the timeless beauty of sophisticated Torah astronomy and flawless, never to go out of date Torah math. Enjoy!

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2020 Hanukkah Special!

Literally from Genesis to Revelation, Hanukkah is an event prophesied thousands of years in advance and its influence extends thousands of years after it actually happened. Learn about the “Hidden Hanukkah” as well as go deep into the extant historical sources. Also enjoy a special update on how “the Star of Bethlehem” returns this year, on December 21st. Enjoy!

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2020 Sukkot Special!

The Feast of Ingathering…Remembering the years in the Wilderness…The Grape Harvest…The Birth of the Messiah, and possibly even his Second Coming area all tied up in Sukkot. Explore the deep connections that literally run from Genesis to Revelation. Sukkot is a feast like no other and the highlight of the entire year!

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2020 Yom Kippur Special!

It’s the holiest day of the entire year and yet this is so much more than just fasting. It’s about reformation, repentance, and even the return of Yeshua the Messiah. Explore the connections across the full breadth of Scripture in this special nearly 2 1/2 hour program and have a good fast!

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