Vayelech with Shabbat Shuvah Readings


In one of the very last acts of Moshe’s life, Joshua is anointed to lead Israel and is warned of imminent danger. As Moshe then prepares to die, Father Yah makes it plain that He already knows about the future of His treasured people, and it isn’t pretty. And to cap it all off, we have special Haftorah readings for Shabbat Shuvah–the Sabbath of Returning which is between Yom Teruah and Yom Kippur–as well as one of the most personal and intimate Torah Thoughts for the Week ever given on this program. It does not happen often that Andrew combines the usual scholarship with a personal revelation which one is free to either embrace or discard at will–but that is exactly what he has done here. Enjoy and Shabbat Shalom!

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WRITTEN BY: Andrew Gabriel Roth

“Founder of One Faith One People Ministries, author of the Aramaic English New Testament (AENT) translation, Wheel of Stars, and Ruach Qadim.”