2018 Pesach Special–Chag Sameyach!

Feast season is here at last! Celebrate with us with the 2018 Pesach Special, chock full of surprises and bonus content. In addition to the details reading and analysis from the Torah and the lingjuistics you’ve come to expect from Scroll to Scroll, go deep into bonus content as we explore the oldest “Seder” outside the Scripture, and it’s from Egypt in 419 BCE, from the records of a temple dedicated to Father Yah. We detail the story of Torah revival for a unique group of Jews who previously rebuked by Isaiah and Jeremiah for divided worship. Then we look into the mystery of the priestly calendar revealed in another unexpected place–Joshua chapter 4. Our studies then climax with a look at where the real Mount Sinai is located, with an adventure containing more twists and turns than any yarn spun in the mind of Hollywood, only this one’s all true. So feast on these treats as we celebrate together! Chag Sameyach!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

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Part 6:

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WRITTEN BY: Andrew Gabriel Roth

“Founder of One Faith One People Ministries, author of the Aramaic English New Testament (AENT) translation, Wheel of Stars, and Ruach Qadim.”