Special Teaching: The Top 12 “Myth-Conceptions” of Luke and Qurinius!

Shalom everyone! Ever since we did the two-part Star of Bethlehem videos, I have also wanted to spend more time on Luke and the census of Quirinius, which I only touched on briefly there. Out of that same vein of research then comes this two-part investigation, exposing the lies of biblical skeptics once and for all! See clear proof that Luke knew about both censuses, the one in the final years of Herod the Great and the 6 CE one led by the rebel Judas. See also how Josephus does in fact give all the historical background needed to prove a census happened in 6 BCE as punishment for Herod lying to Emperor Augustus. We will also look at genuine historical inscriptions about Qurinius proving he served as ruler in Syria on at least two and possibly more occasions. If you love defending the Scripture, this series is definitely for you! Enjoy!

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WRITTEN BY: Andrew Gabriel Roth

“Founder of One Faith One People Ministries, author of the Aramaic English New Testament (AENT) translation, Wheel of Stars, and Ruach Qadim.”