Introduction to the Biblical Sabbath


WRITTEN BY: Andrew Gabriel Roth

Founder of One Faith One People Ministries, author of the Aramaic English New Testament (AENT) translation, Wheel of Stars, and Ruach Qadim.

  • Tom Shelton

    Thank you Andrew for this introductory overview. It will be very useful for sharing with others who struggle to understand why many of us now choose to walk with Yeshua the way we do today.

    • Jaye Roth

      Thank you Tom. Many have struggled sharing Torah with family and friends. We thought folks could now give them an opportunity to hear about the Sabbath and many other topics via short videos in private. We hope you and many others will use these free videos to share and challenge the “lies and deceptions” about the Torah that are out there. Shalom.

  • TwinFlames1111

    Glad to share and be here. It is indeed spiritual warfare and bringing our thoughts into captivity of The Ruach. In the garden the deception started with a question, then there was a thought, then came action, we know the rest. It is VITAL to understand that the casting out of demons was mentioned numerous times in the latter books as well as in the books omitted by man. We appreciate your search for Truth, His Truth no matter where it leads or how it came to Light. We are in the end time, we are living Revelation and we are The Watchmen. We must do as you have done and regardless if it is something we may not have understood, or taught before if it is Truth whether it makes me look to the “physical” men as uncertain, or waffling, or teaching something I hadn’t before if it is His Truth it MUST be brought to Light and shared with our brothers. Telling on myself is one of my best testimonies in pointing to The Holy Light of YHWH within myself. I am first a “being” His created “being”, and second a “human”. Balance between both is what Yeshua shared best. Toda Rabba for being a seeker of His Truth regardless of what the “human” part of man may have to say. Spiritually we all know the Truth, it’s the “remembering” we are desiring to evoke in our fellow “beings”. His beings. <3 Much love to all here, and those we love, those who seek truth, and Baruch Hashem YHWH!!!