Ha’azinu Ve-Zot Ha-Baracha (Audio Portion)


It’s the last two parshas of the year before recycling back to Genesis, but this last installment is packed and getting us ready to recycle once more. We have special Sukkot readings and features that keep the feast going a little longer and other features that set us up to begin the Torah all over again, Enjoy!

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2019 Sukkot Special (Audio Version)

From the deep foreshadowings of Genesis to the heart of Revelation and straight on to our apocalyptic future, see how Sukkot looms large over all things scriptural! With deep and penetrating bonus features on the entire history of this greatest of all feasts, explore the connections that show us exactly when Messiah was born and may very well point to when he is coming back. It’s the greatest feast special of them all, so don’t miss it!

2019 Yom Kippur Special (Audio Portion)

It the best known and least known part of feast season. A time of fasting so one can stay alive in the new year is also said to be the most joyous time of them all. A feast clearly inaugurated by Moshe has foreshadowing all the way back to the Flood and forwards to Yeshua, Paul and even Yochanan, among the last things that apostle writes on the island of Patmos. Suppressed by some but embraced as part of our prophetic future by the remnant, enter the mystery of the this great fast, where nothing is as it seems. Keep Reeding

Nitzavim-Vayelech with Shabbat Shuvah readings (Audio Portion)

Nitzavim means “you stand” and it begins with more warnings for the price of disobedience. This is literally the beginning of the end of Israelite wandering and Moshe’s own life, so it is critical that every opportunity be taken to explain Israel’s responsibilities to them. This is an abnormally short portion.

Vayelech means, “and he went out/walked” referring of course to Moshe. The portion begins in a time of transition, where Joshua is brought forward as the next leader and final instructions to Israel are given. The portion ends with Moshe recording the words to a song, but those words are not given until the following portion, Ha’azinu.

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Ki Tavo (Audio Portion)

Now that the Israelites are once again poised to enter the Promised Land for the first time in forty years, it’s time for a crash course, both literally and figuratively, as Moshe lays the life and death stakes on the line for 2 million people. After making a veiled rebuke to the previous generation, a massive dramatization of what Father Yah’s blessings and curses look like takes two mountains and twelve leaders to do justice. This is followed by the massive catalog of blessings and curses–and the latter greatly outnumber the former–that is chapter 28 and after all that negativity it is very good that the parsha ends at least on a somewhat hopeful note.

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2019 Yom Teruah Special (Audio Portion)

Chag Sameyach! Rejoice for the Feast Season if finally here! Kick it off with us with the 2019 Yom Teruah Special. Go deep into the stunning variety of names for this time (Day of Concealment, Day of Judgment being just two). What is the relationship between the Torah -mandated Yom Teruah and the modern Rosh Hashanna and how does this precious seventh new moon wind its way from the Torah to Revelation? Find out as special calendar teachings (see Video #2) and deep linguistic and historical analysis take us deeper into the his Appointed Time than ever before. Enjoy and celebrate!

Ki Teze (Audio Portion)

Ki Teze means “when you go out” as in terms of when Israel confronts her enemies on the battlefield. One main war regulation is given at the start, and that is what to do with a woman taken captive from the nations that a Jewish man wants to make a wife. From there other requirements about marriage under other circumstances follow that have nothing to do with war. Many other marital and purity regulations follow for the remainder of this portion.

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Shoftim (Audio Portion)

Shoftim means “judges” and Deuteronomy 16:18 begins with the command to appoint them. The Torah had suggested that these courts had to be established to resolve general disputes (Exodus 21:22, 22:8) but only here do we find the specific command to set these courts up in every city, probably because prior to this time they were not close to being settled in the land. Other warnings to kill idolaters in their midst follow along the lines of Deuteronomy 13 but lacking the provision that they do so even if predicted signs and wonders come true from the idolater’s mouth. Still other restatements of how courts should issue rulings, the roles of witnesses and the residing of the Levites with each tribe’s territory follow. Various other legal matters relating specifically to accidental death and serious injury are addressed in the remainder of the portion with a small break dedicated to rules of war.

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Re’eh (Audio Portion)

Re’eh means “see”, and it begins with that great summary of the covenant…I set aside two ways for you, blessing and cursing, life and death. Shortly afterwards, a number of regulations about the place for Abba YHWH’s Name—Jerusalem though no one other than Abba YHWH knows that yet—are given. Some kosher regulations are restated or clarified and the law of the shemittah is given and explained. The portion wraps up with a restatement of the Hebrew festivals.

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Ekev (Audio Portion)

Welcome to a single parsha that is so massive, I need TWO mp3 files to give you the whole audio this week. There is just so much going on in Ekev (Deuteronomy 7:12-11:25), not just intricate issues regarding halacha but deep emotional and personal realities that hit Moshe like never before this week. We also have a very important bonus teaching on my most recent calendar breakthrough—on the rabbinic and Christian side–but only when the rules for the Eternal Torah Calendar are followed. And there is also a very special and robust Member Q&A with a single question about a new archaeological find that supporters claim the The traditional Temple Mount is the correct location after all. What’s the truth behind both these matters? Find out but also get comfortable as you do so, as only a Feast teaching has more details than this one does.

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Va’etchanan (Audio Portion)

One of the three last speeches Moshe will give before he dies ends while a second one begins. The “Farewell Tour” keeps rolling forward with Ten Commandments 2.0: The Next Generation, the giving of the Shema Prayer along with many other commandments to make sure “you will prolong your days and prosper and long remain in the land Yahweh your Elohim is giving you.”

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Devarim (Audio Portion)

Enter the last day of Moshe’s life, where the lives of 2 million people literally hang in the balance by every word he says! It doesn’t get more urgent this!

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