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Welcome to Scroll to Scroll, Torah portions with Andrew Gabriel Roth. Here you’ll find a list of our Torah portion teachings. We hope you enjoy.


Torah Portions

The Scroll to Scroll weekly Torah program is a 2 hour in-depth yet entertaining tour into the full breadth of the Scriptures. Every week, we give you the historical and linguistic tools you need to go deeper into weekly portion, otherwise known as “the parsha”.
In Part 1, we take you into the heart of the Torah portion by reading in English and teaching the in-depth and multi-layered Hebrew readings that permeate the Set-Apart original text. There is also considerable attention given to wider historical sources to substantiate and clarify the text as many long standing controversies and a few popular misconceptions are dealt with in proper chronological order. The first video then closes with an extensive vocabulary and linguistic discussion designed to bring you into the heart of how Torah has been discussed for thousands of years.

Part 2 then picks up with the Haftorah, or selected readings from the great prophets of old such as Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel, among many others, to show the careful way in which the original Torah message was discussed and analyzed throughout the entire Biblical period. That discussion then continues of course into the scheduled New Testament portion, where the words of our Savior Y’shua are put back into their first century original Hebraic context, both from Y’shua’s 1st century Hebrew culture and his native Aramaic language, and we close with the weekly “sermon” or “Torah Thought for the Week” to bring this Set-Apart and ancient text back to our modern needs, yearnings to shed light on critical spiritual matters affecting all of us today.

It’s a tour through the Scripture unlike any other on the web so I hope you will join us!

  • 2018 Sukkot Special Volume 2 September 25, 2018 2018 Sukkot Special Volume 2

    Chag Sameyach! From early hints in Genesis linked to Jacob to some of the last parts of Revelation, so Feast has the range and depth of Sukkot. Enjoy this second of two in-depth feast teachings, this one covering more on the special Shabbat during the Feast and the last two …

  • 2018 Sukkot Special Volume 1 September 23, 2018 2018 Sukkot Special Volume 1

    Chag Sameyach! From early hints in Genesis linked to Jacob to some of the last parts of Revelation, so Feast has the range and depth of Sukkot. Enjoy this first of two in-depth feast teachings, this one covering the first two days and a bit about the upcoming Shabbat in …

  • Ha’azinu September 20, 2018 Ha'azinu

    The picture above, admittedly in a somewhat humorous vein, says it all with Moshe checking one of his “tablets” for another divine message but finding none. That is because were in literally in the waning moments of Moshe’s life. After he gives Israel this special song and concludes with a …

  • 2018 Yom Kippur Special September 16, 2018 2018 Yom Kippur Special

    It’s the most Set-apart day of them all, the great fast of Yom Kippur. Find out all the fascinating foreshadowing and biblical future of this appointed time, from the Flood of Genesis all the way to our far prophetic future in the Messianic Age as we prepare for Messiah’s return, …

  • Vayelech Shabbat Shuvah September 13, 2018 Vayelech Shabbat Shuvah

    Welcome to the ending of what may be the most remarkable speech ever given to from one person to a nation, other than the words of Messiah of course. Moshe’s points this week really show Father Yah’s heart, and that heart is breaking. Also this is teh Shabbat between Yom …

  • 2018 Yom Teruah Special! September 9, 2018 2018 Yom Teruah Special!

    Chag Sameyach and welcome to Fall Feast season! We kick of this year’s special series of teachings with Yom Teruah, a.k.a. Rosh Hashanna. This is an amazing feast that has deep connections literally from Genesis to Revelation, including a few surprises along the way. Enjoy!
    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Part 3:

    Part 4:

    [pdf …

  • Nitzvaim September 6, 2018 Nitzvaim

    The last hope for the future of Israel stands before Moshe and Abba YHWH today, as the great man literally uses some of his last breaths to make the eternal truths of Torah known so that they may all have life. But life, as Moshe also insists, is as much …

  • Ki-Tavo August 30, 2018 Ki-Tavo

    I can sum up this amazing parsha in just three words: Blessings and curses. (The rest is commentary and a few surprises!) Enjoy.
    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Part 3:

  • Ki-Teze August 23, 2018 Ki-Teze

    In this parsha Moshe discusses the challenging topics of rules of war and rules of marriage, literally at the same time and in the same commandment. This parsha in fact is so robust that even the way Moshe arranges his topics is meant to provoke his audience. Find out how …

  • Shoftim August 16, 2018 Shoftim

    It’s one thing to be resigned to the fact that you are about to die mere moments after you finish a few speeches, but it is quite another to talk about and graphically describe all the mechanisms and infrastructure that are about to replace you. This is what Moshe does …

Torah 101

We often call our study process “walking” through Torah, because it is a wonderful journey that takes time and consistent effort, but it always bears great spiritual fruits for those who wish to understand the Scripture.
But not everyone wishes to go about this in the “total immersion” style of Scroll to Scroll, or they are on the go and need a shorter, more basic teaching. If that describes you, then you need “Torah 101”—the concise yet thought provoking journey through each week’s Scripture teachings. In less than half the time of the regular program, Andrew will distill the essence of the actual Torah portion down to its core message and walk you through the same majestic beauty and intricacies between both parts of our Bible. See the Torah, Prophets and the New Testament interconnect in a way you never saw before, and all in under an hour, to enable your “walk” in Scripture to deepen each week!

  • Torah 101-Yitro February 1, 2018 Torah 101-Yitro

    Shalom all. Sorry but I am unable to do the parsha this week due to contracting influenza (type A flu) which has been going around lately. I have therefore reissuing 2017’s posts for Yitro and Yah willing will be back next week with “Mishpatim”. I am currently taking medication …

  • Torah 101-Beshalach January 26, 2018 Torah 101-Beshalach

    “And Elohim led Israel out with a mighty hand and with signs and wonders”. Nowhere are the words more true than this week, as Pharaoh’s entire army id destroyed in the Sea of Reeds. It’s the greatest chariot force to be destroyed by Israel—that is, until our Haftorah Portion in …

  • Torah 101-Bo January 19, 2018 Torah 101-Bo

    The picture above is a montage of Amenhotep II, whom I believe is the Pharaoh of Exodus. Just look at this guy…especially the shot of him on his own war chariot, and ask yourself: Does he not look the part of the adversary Moshe describes in this section of Exodus? …

  • Torah 101 will return with ‘Bo’! January 12, 2018

    Torah 101 will return with ‘Bo’!

  • Torah 101-Shemot January 4, 2018 Torah 101-Shemot

    Joseph is gone and also, apparently forgotten, at least by the Egyptians. Now dark times fall on the Hebrews of Goshen as they go from valued partners to hated enemies and from the pinnacle of power in Egypt to the lowest of the low, slaves who can’t even get straw …

  • Torah 101-Vayechi December 29, 2017 Torah 101-Vayechi

    The title says it all–vayechi–“and he lived”. But this is not just true of Jacob spending his last 17 years in Egypt but really of the entire generation of two nations that lives because of Joseph. Jacob’s preparations to leave this earth, as well as those of his son’s Joseph …

  • Vayigash (Torah 101) December 22, 2017 Vayigash (Torah 101)

    After 22 years, grieving father and son are finally reunited this week, and it literally could not be closer to being too late. Jacob, long weakened by the loss of Joseph, has barely been hanging on for more than two decades. And Joseph has already gone through enough false imprisonments …

  • Torah 101 will return next week with “Vayigash”! Enjoy the 2017 Hanukkah Special. December 11, 2017

    Torah 101 will return next week with “Vayigash”! Enjoy the 2017 Hanukkah Special.

  • Torah 101-Vayeshev December 7, 2017 Torah 101-Vayeshev

    As they always seem to say this time of year, “Nothing like being home with the family”–except of course if that family is planning to murder you, dispose of your body in a pit and lie to Dad for 22 years about what really happened. Then they tamper with physical …

  • Vayishlach (Torah 101) November 29, 2017 Vayishlach (Torah 101)

    In the opening lines we find that Jacob may have the power to command, or at the very least persuade, heavenly messengers to do his will. Then, before we can even catch our breath, we find that Esau is coming to his little family reunion with 400 friends and yet …