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Welcome to Scroll to Scroll, Torah portions with Andrew Gabriel Roth. Here you’ll find a list of our Torah portion teachings. We hope you enjoy.


Torah Portions

The Scroll to Scroll weekly Torah program is a 2 hour in-depth yet entertaining tour into the full breadth of the Scriptures. Every week, we give you the historical and linguistic tools you need to go deeper into weekly portion, otherwise known as “the parsha”.
In Part 1, we take you into the heart of the Torah portion by reading in English and teaching the in-depth and multi-layered Hebrew readings that permeate the Set-Apart original text. There is also considerable attention given to wider historical sources to substantiate and clarify the text as many long standing controversies and a few popular misconceptions are dealt with in proper chronological order. The first video then closes with an extensive vocabulary and linguistic discussion designed to bring you into the heart of how Torah has been discussed for thousands of years.

Part 2 then picks up with the Haftorah, or selected readings from the great prophets of old such as Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel, among many others, to show the careful way in which the original Torah message was discussed and analyzed throughout the entire Biblical period. That discussion then continues of course into the scheduled New Testament portion, where the words of our Savior Y’shua are put back into their first century original Hebraic context, both from Y’shua’s 1st century Hebrew culture and his native Aramaic language, and we close with the weekly “sermon” or “Torah Thought for the Week” to bring this Set-Apart and ancient text back to our modern needs, yearnings to shed light on critical spiritual matters affecting all of us today.

It’s a tour through the Scripture unlike any other on the web so I hope you will join us!

  • Tetzaveh February 14, 2019 Tetzaveh

    More sacred geometry in set-apart objects showing the pattern of the Universe, and i am far from the only one who sees it. Explore the codes and find the message from the deepest and most profound meanings from the Torah. Also new calendar updates about the challenges of this year, …

  • Terumah February 7, 2019 Terumah

    Father Yah is in the details and, in this case, in the sacred math and the sacred geometry. Terumah is about much more than architecture, materials and measurements; it’s about sophisticated math and astronomy, even prophecy. See some of the deepest Messianic patterns ever to come out of the Torah!

  • Mishpatim January 31, 2019 Mishpatim

    Meet the smaller rules that make keeping the Top Ten rules possible, and along the way encounter one of the most stunning visions anyone has ever had in Scripture; a vision that seems to hardly ever get any significant attention. Explore the mystery behind the commandments and enjoy a special …

  • Yitro January 24, 2019 Yitro

    The Ten Commandments are given and the world as we know it changes forever. Come back to Sinai, where no story is too great or too small to appreciate. From Jethro’s visit helping Moshe avoid death by exhaustion and hint at a squabble between him and Tzippora all the way …

  • Be’shalach January 18, 2019 Be'shalach

    The plagues are over. The war though is just beginning, and may have a shockingly short end. Time for Pharaoh to meet his destiny in the Sea of Reeds while the greatest threat to Moshe’s authority and mission continue to lie within the ranks of Israel. Also see the special …

  • Bo January 10, 2019 Bo

    It’s “Bo time” and for the Egyptians that is not a good thing. Seven plagues have devastated that nation for nearly 6 weeks but the worst is yet to come: locusts, darkness and the slaying of the first born of Egypt. Yet Pharaoh is stubborn to the end, even when …

  • Va’Era January 3, 2019 Va'Era

    The warnings are done and the proverbial gloves are off. Now it’s time for Father Yah to show Pharaoh who’s really Boss. Get ready for a wild ride with lots of bonus features! Enjoy!


  • Shemot December 26, 2018 Shemot

    The tribes of Israel have been harried and persecuted by the greatest human-based empire on the planet. Desperate, they cry out for a savior to come to them with miracles and save them from slavery and despair. But this isn’t the story of Y’shua–it’s the start of the story of …

  • Vayechi December 19, 2018 Vayechi

    The climax of the entire book of Genesis comes down to this. Jacob is finally well settled in Goshen and dies peacefully while Joseph and his brothers continue their efforts to honor their father’s legacy and reconcile everything for all time. But looming large in the prophetic distance is a …

  • Vayigash December 12, 2018 Vayigash

    Get ready for “the big reveal” as all of Joseph’s diversions finally come to an end and the reconciling with his brothers can begin. This week Jacob is also brought to Egypt and meets Pharaoh, and we explore the strong possibility that Jacob was actually elevated by Pharaoh to be …

Torah 101

We often call our study process “walking” through Torah, because it is a wonderful journey that takes time and consistent effort, but it always bears great spiritual fruits for those who wish to understand the Scripture.
But not everyone wishes to go about this in the “total immersion” style of Scroll to Scroll, or they are on the go and need a shorter, more basic teaching. If that describes you, then you need “Torah 101”—the concise yet thought provoking journey through each week’s Scripture teachings. In less than half the time of the regular program, Andrew will distill the essence of the actual Torah portion down to its core message and walk you through the same majestic beauty and intricacies between both parts of our Bible. See the Torah, Prophets and the New Testament interconnect in a way you never saw before, and all in under an hour, to enable your “walk” in Scripture to deepen each week!

  • Torah 101-Balak June 28, 2018 Torah 101-Balak

    This story would be very funny if it wasn’t first and foremost tragic. Balak of Moab is scared of Israel. He can’t overcome them with his army and he tries this week to engage a prophet for hire, Balaam, to curse Israel. Balaam tries repeatedly to to do so and …

  • Torah 101-Chukkat June 21, 2018 Torah 101-Chukkat

    Remember back in Leviticus when it seemed parshas were all detail about sacrifices and architecture and little about conflict and action? Now here is this part of Numbers it seems it is all action–the bad kind–and no pausing at all. Even after miracles and plagues made it clear that Korah …

  • Torah 101 will return next week with “Chukkat”! June 15, 2018

    Torah 101 will return next week with “Chukkat”!

  • Torah 101-Behalotekha June 7, 2018 Torah 101-Behalotekha

    For two years Israel has been sheltered under the safe haven of Mount Sinai, but now its time to hit the road. And, with a new journey of course come new dangers. But before they can walk one step the priests clearly need a refresher course to avoid more people …

  • Torah 101 will return June 7th with “Behalotekha”! May 30, 2018

    Torah 101 will return June 7th with “Behalotekha”!

  • 2018 Shavuot Special! May 25, 2018 2018 Shavuot Special!

    Welcome to the Great Feast that has more names and prophetic-Scriptural applications than any other. Shavuot has gone from a harvest festival where some of the most important events of the patriarchs happened centuries before Moshe was born, to the day the Ten Commandments were given to the “birthday” of …

  • Torah 101-BaHar-BeChukkotai May 18, 2018 Torah 101-BaHar-BeChukkotai

    Calendar controversies? Challenges in recovering precise years of historical events that the whole nation agrees on? Not this time. If ever there was proof that ancient Israel could not function without unanimity on when their events happened and the timing of the Feasts, it is in this parsha. Learn all …

  • Torah 101-Emor May 10, 2018 Torah 101-Emor

    It’s been several months since the deaths of Nadab and Abihu, since the nation of Israel and her priesthood teetered on the brink of extinction. But Father Yah has deliberated and decided they all will continue, but the priests and the people they serve must get serious about keeping the …

  • Torah 101 will return next week with “Emor”! May 3, 2018

    Torah 101 will return next week with “Emor”!

  • Torah 101-Metzora April 26, 2018 Torah 101-Metzora

    It’s just a skin disease; a medical condition like any other. Or is it? Even the sages cannot decide this seemingly simple question. Is leprosy divine judgment for a moral failure or just another kind of defilement that happens in the course of normal living? Can it be equated to …