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Welcome to Scroll to Scroll, Torah portions with Andrew Gabriel Roth. Here you’ll find a list of our Torah portion teachings. We hope you enjoy.


Torah Portions

The Scroll to Scroll weekly Torah program is a 2 hour in-depth yet entertaining tour into the full breadth of the Scriptures. Every week, we give you the historical and linguistic tools you need to go deeper into weekly portion, otherwise known as “the parsha”.
In Part 1, we take you into the heart of the Torah portion by reading in English and teaching the in-depth and multi-layered Hebrew readings that permeate the Set-Apart original text. There is also considerable attention given to wider historical sources to substantiate and clarify the text as many long standing controversies and a few popular misconceptions are dealt with in proper chronological order. The first video then closes with an extensive vocabulary and linguistic discussion designed to bring you into the heart of how Torah has been discussed for thousands of years.

Part 2 then picks up with the Haftorah, or selected readings from the great prophets of old such as Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel, among many others, to show the careful way in which the original Torah message was discussed and analyzed throughout the entire Biblical period. That discussion then continues of course into the scheduled New Testament portion, where the words of our Savior Y’shua are put back into their first century original Hebraic context, both from Y’shua’s 1st century Hebrew culture and his native Aramaic language, and we close with the weekly “sermon” or “Torah Thought for the Week” to bring this Set-Apart and ancient text back to our modern needs, yearnings to shed light on critical spiritual matters affecting all of us today.

It’s a tour through the Scripture unlike any other on the web so I hope you will join us!

  • Ekev July 21, 2016Ekev

    It’s Moshe’s Greatest Hits (On the Ground that is)! This week Moshe really bares his soul and in an unprecedented display of candor (or a lack of patience, you be the judge), Moshe reveals how he really felt as a disaster was unfolding all around him. Perhaps at the time …

  • Va’etchanan July 14, 2016Va'etchanan

    Moshe makes his case! In this parsha we see Moshe deliver the most critical aspects of his message–the foundational Ten Commandments are given once more and one of the oldest prayers in the world, the Shema, is said for the first time. And yet, as great as these events are, …

  • Devarim July 7, 2016Devarim

    Ever wanted to know what Moshe did on the last day of his life? The answer is he gave three farewell speeches before climbing up to Mount Nebo to die, and except for a 3 chapter “recap” at the start and Joshua writing about his funeral at the end, everything …

  • Matot-Masei June 30, 2016Matot-Masei

    The final two portions of Numbers–the Matot and Masei Double Portion–finally brings an end to a generation of wandering and an age of darkness and doubt. Now at long last a new generation of Israel has arise who, along with Joshua and Caleb, will enter the Land even as Moshe …

  • Pinchus June 23, 2016Pinchus

    There is one man who saves more Israelites in a day than almost all other heroes combined, and no, it isn’t Moshe, but his grand-nephew Phinehas. With one bold act, Phinehas stops a deadly plague that surely would have devastated the rest of Israel. We also look at why the …

  • Balak (regarding Balak, King of Moab) June 15, 2016Balak (regarding Balak, King of Moab)


    In a tale that is equal parts comic and tragic, a gifted prophet of YHWH learns a very hard lesson about how righteousness is a critical component of properly using the prophetic gift! It turns out his own donkey has more spiritual understanding than he does!

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3



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  • Chukkat (Statutes) June 9, 2016Chukkat (Statutes)

    How do you deal with nearly 2 million dissastisfied Israelites begging for water? Simple: Just have Moses call down help from Father Yah directly! Will they ever learn?

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

  • Korah June 2, 2016Korah

    This week it’s war! The greatest threat to Moses’ authority of all time finally boils over into all out conflict this week. You might think it will take a miracle to stop it and it will–several in fact!

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

  • Shlach Lecha (Send Out for Yourself) May 26, 2016Shlach Lecha (Send Out for Yourself)

    A spy drama worthy of anything that Hollywood could dream up except it’s all true! See what happens when 10 spies panic over some “bad intel” and how spymaster “M” ends up paying the ultimate price for their defiance. All will get Shaken AND Stirred and we see the rise …

  • Naso – Behalotekha (You Take – When You Lift Up) May 19, 2016

Torah 101

We often call our study process “walking” through Torah, because it is a wonderful journey that takes time and consistent effort, but it always bears great spiritual fruits for those who wish to understand the Scripture.
But not everyone wishes to go about this in the “total immersion” style of Scroll to Scroll, or they are on the go and need a shorter, more basic teaching. If that describes you, then you need “Torah 101”—the concise yet thought provoking journey through each week’s Scripture teachings. In less than half the time of the regular program, Andrew will distill the essence of the actual Torah portion down to its core message and walk you through the same majestic beauty and intricacies between both parts of our Bible. See the Torah, Prophets and the New Testament interconnect in a way you never saw before, and all in under an hour, to enable your “walk” in Scripture to deepen each week!