2019 Yom Kippur Special!

It the best known and least known part of feast season. A time of fasting so one can stay alive in the new year is also said to be the most joyous time of them all. A feast clearly inaugurated by Moshe has foreshadowing all the way back to the Flood and forwards to Yeshua, Paul and even Yochanan, among the last things that apostle writes on the island of Patmos. Suppressed by some but embraced as part of our prophetic future by the remnant, enter the mystery of the this great fast, where nothing is as it seems. Keep Reeding

2019 Yom Teruah Special!

Chag Sameyach! Rejoice for the Feast Season if finally here! Kick it off with us with the 2019 Yom Teruah Special. Go deep into the stunning variety of names for this time (Day of Concealment, Day of Judgment being just two). What is the relationship between the Torah -mandated Yom Teruah and the modern Rosh Hashanna and how does this precious seventh new moon wind its way from the Torah to Revelation? Find out as special calendar teachings (see Video #2) and deep linguistic and historical analysis take us deeper into the his Appointed Time than ever before. Enjoy and celebrate!

[pdf https://www.dropbox.com/s/kc17n6f0f7hgh6o/2019%20Yom%20Teruah%20Special.pdf?dl=0 ]

2019 Shavuot Special!

From foreshadowing from the early days of the patriarchs to prophetic and apocalyptic warnings about our future, Shavuot has been linked to so many critical events. From the giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai to spectacular outpouring of the Ruach Ha Kodesh in Acts 2 and beyond, Shavuot has roots in it all. Sort through the political and religious spin, explore ancient controversies to find the truth. It’s all here so enjoy! Keep Reeding

The 2019 Eternal Torah Calendar is here!

Here is the 2019 Eternal Torah Calendar with detailed information on Feasts and scheduled parshas. Enjoy!

[pdf https://www.dropbox.com/s/x54l3yrwjd91qvi/2019-Eternal%20Torah%20Calendar.pdf?dl=0 ]

Dead Sea Scrolls “Secret Calendar” Update

While this amazing discovery is also part of our Notes for this week’s parsha of Be’shallach, I also wanted to feature this article here as well. In this fascinating article, leading Dead Sea Scrolls scholars go over more evidence about the original Torah based calendar that preceded the rabbinic calendar. But there are also details we will review together about how the shadowy group of Essenes diverged from the correct timing and how a fragmented and in accurate version of what was a priestly system before it got corrupted in extrabiblical literature like 1 Enoch and Jubilees. Where did they go wrong that the Dead Sea Scrolls did better, and where did truth leave calendar processes altogether due to bad spiritual politics? Find out! Keep Reeding