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Welcome to Scroll to Scroll, Torah portions with Andrew Gabriel Roth. Here you’ll find a list of our Torah portion teachings. We hope you enjoy.


Torah Portions

The Scroll to Scroll weekly Torah program is a 2 hour in-depth yet entertaining tour into the full breadth of the Scriptures. Every week, we give you the historical and linguistic tools you need to go deeper into weekly portion, otherwise known as “the parsha”.
In Part 1, we take you into the heart of the Torah portion by reading in English and teaching the in-depth and multi-layered Hebrew readings that permeate the Set-Apart original text. There is also considerable attention given to wider historical sources to substantiate and clarify the text as many long standing controversies and a few popular misconceptions are dealt with in proper chronological order. The first video then closes with an extensive vocabulary and linguistic discussion designed to bring you into the heart of how Torah has been discussed for thousands of years.

Part 2 then picks up with the Haftorah, or selected readings from the great prophets of old such as Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel, among many others, to show the careful way in which the original Torah message was discussed and analyzed throughout the entire Biblical period. That discussion then continues of course into the scheduled New Testament portion, where the words of our Savior Y’shua are put back into their first century original Hebraic context, both from Y’shua’s 1st century Hebrew culture and his native Aramaic language, and we close with the weekly “sermon” or “Torah Thought for the Week” to bring this Set-Apart and ancient text back to our modern needs, yearnings to shed light on critical spiritual matters affecting all of us today.

It’s a tour through the Scripture unlike any other on the web so I hope you will join us!

  • Shelach Lecha June 15, 2022Shelach Lecha

    “Shelach Lecha” means “send out for yourself,” referring to the spies that Moshe will
    send into Canaan to do a little “reconnaissance” on the strategic strengths of the various
    peoples living in Canaan. When the spies let their fear get the better of them and bring
    back an evil report, Abba YHWH officially …

  • Be’halotekha June 9, 2022Be'halotekha

    “BeHalotekha” means “when you elevate” as in “when you lift up the lamps.” Aaron is commanded to light the lamps of the menorah and the tribe of Levi is commanded to serve the sanctuary. This is also when the institution of the 2nd Pesach is established and when the Israelites …

  • 2022 Shavuot Special! June 5, 20222022 Shavuot Special!

    Welcome to the 2022 Shavuot Special! Explore the deep connection of this very special Great Feasts, with the giving of the Ten Commandments and the stunning events in Acts 2. Also find out which famous miracle of Yeshua has a special connection to Shavuot that most folks don’t even know …

  • Naso June 1, 2022Naso

    “Naso” means “take,” as in “you will take an accounting of Israel” or a census. This portion begins with the census on the Gershonites and details all their prescribed duties in ministering to the Tabernacle. This is followed by the bitter waters test for an adulterous woman in Numbers 5 …

  • Bamidbar May 25, 2022Bamidbar

    “BaMidbar” means “in the wilderness” and it begins with a census being taken of the nation, particularly of men 20 years and older who can serve in combat. The total comes to 603,550 except Levites who cannot be counted for this purpose. After this more details are given for how …

  • Be’chukkotai May 18, 2022Be'chukkotai

    “BeChukkotai” means “by/through My statutes,” referring to Abba YHWH’s judgments being “walked in” or followed. There is a distinction made between “laws” and “statutes” and “commandments” which we will look into later. This portion though goes beyond just listing a bunch of rules; it deals with the rewards for obedience …

  • BaHar May 11, 2022BaHar

    “BaHar” means at the mountain, from which Abba YHWH gives this series of instructions. It concerns itself with the intricate Jubilee and Land Sabbath rules, which I will be discussing from Torah and giving my take on them in the Eternal Torah Calendarsystem.

    Click Link to View and Download the …

  • Emor May 4, 2022Emor

    “Emor” means “he said” and it is heavily concerned with purity regulations, but it then shifts
    into a bigger picture with restoring and re stating the sacred year. Abba YHWH does this to
    show the Israelites to know they renew their covenant by following His instructions, so He
    repeats these rules to reassure …

  • Kedoshim April 27, 2022Kedoshim

    “Kedoshim” means “you shall be Set-apart.” This is a kind of “Cliff Notes” style discussion of some of the main themes of the overall Torah. It includes some of the Ten Words (Commandments) but not all of them and wraps around the ones it does include with either brief application …

  • Aharei Mot April 20, 2022Aharei Mot

    “Aharei Mot” means “after the death,” referring to the demise of Aaron’s sons Nadab and Abihu who offered fire in a way not sanctioned by Abba YHWH. The portion begins with the purification measures that Aaron and his remaining sons need to go through to rectify the evil that was …

Torah 101

We often call our study process “walking” through Torah, because it is a wonderful journey that takes time and consistent effort, but it always bears great spiritual fruits for those who wish to understand the Scripture.
But not everyone wishes to go about this in the “total immersion” style of Scroll to Scroll, or they are on the go and need a shorter, more basic teaching. If that describes you, then you need “Torah 101”—the concise yet thought provoking journey through each week’s Scripture teachings. In less than half the time of the regular program, Andrew will distill the essence of the actual Torah portion down to its core message and walk you through the same majestic beauty and intricacies between both parts of our Bible. See the Torah, Prophets and the New Testament interconnect in a way you never saw before, and all in under an hour, to enable your “walk” in Scripture to deepen each week!